Local & Remote Network Connections

All computers running Folder Transfer application can connect together over Local Network or Remote Network (via Internet / Intranet). You may click "Network Mode" to setup connections.


Connection Over Local Network (LAN)

"Local Network" refers to LAN (Local Area Network).

When you run Folder Transfer on your computer for the first time, it will automatically connect to other computers where Folder Transfer is also runing across LAN.

So, if all your peer computers are in the same local network, you don't need take any action for the local network connection setup. You just need run Folder Transfer on each networked computer, then you can transfer your computer files onto other computers over the local network.

Connection Over Remote Network or Multiple Networks

Folder Transfer can support "Remote Network". It means that you can also transfer files between computers by remote access via Internet / Intranet or across differnent networks. If your peer computers are not in the same local network, you must set up Remote Network connection by letting computers join a same network group.

Here is the method to set up remote network connection:

Method: Join a Group (for connectiong remote network or multiple networks)

Folder Transfer users can connect together by joining a same netowrk group. Here are the concrete steps to join a network group:


a. Create a network group account. (If you already have a group account, please disregard this step.)

Firstly, go to: Network -- Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) -- Sign Up a group

Then sign up a group account:

b. Input the group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

c. Thereafter, you just need to select the group name showing under "Network Mode" to join the group, no need to input the group name and password again.


  • You can also make the remote connection settings in "Settings - Network".

  • You can set multiple remote network connections for different destinations (for example, a few different network groups). And select one to set up connection with the destination you need to connect.
  • If applicable (no matter for file transfer over local or remote networks, UDP ports must be enabled on network, including port 19990-19994, 21000-21004, 22000-22009, 23000-23009, 24000-24004.