• My two comuters are in the same local network, and I run Folder Transfer on both already. But they cannot see each other. I also tried "Join a Group" to connect these two computers,but I got "Group logon failure" message when the computers log on the same group. Why?

    Mostly likely, some UDP ports are disabled on your network. (Say, on your router settings.) Please do not limit or disable your network's UDP ports because Folder Treansfer will use UDP ports to transfer data.

  • What are the differences between Professional edition and Enterprise edition ?

    Enterprise edition has more features than Professional edition. For example, send files to a specific group of users, allow users to change receive path folder on destination computers, send messages to destination PCs (chat between users of multiple computers), etc. You can transfer and access files via remote network in Enterprise edition, Click here to compare editions.

  • How to transfer files and folders from my office computer to my home computer?

    Here are the steps:
    * Run Folder Transfer on both computers at home and your office.
    * In your home computer's Folder Transfer: Remote Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your office's internet IP and port number (usually the port number is 9595, or you may find it in your office computer's Folder Transfer), then click OK.

    *Click "Send Files" to select files and folders you wish to send. (Or drag and drop files or folders into the Sender box from Windows Explorer) Then select destination computers to send files and folders to.
    Another remote network connection option is "Remote Network -- Join a Group" if your home computer has a direct Internet connection with a dynamic Internet IP)

  • I am using the free version of Folder Transfer to evaluate for my needs and would like to use this, however, I have so far been unsuccessful even though I have opened the relevant ports on the router. If it is available in the free version can you please give me some ideas as to what to check next.

    The feature can work in free version.

    * If A connects to B,
    In A's Folder Transfer: Connect to a Computer - Input B's IP address and port
    number (You can find B's port number in B's Folder Transfer-Connect to a
    Computer - Your IP Address and Port Number)
    * If the above cannot work, you may try: B connects to A, the steps are
    similar, make sure the A's IP and Port number are correct.
    * You may also try Remote Network -- Join a Group to connect two remote
    computers. In this way, you don't need to know the IP and port numbers,
    which will be parsed by Folder Transfer server. All data will still be
    transfered between two computers.

  • I want to move my computers around, and I've bought your software to help me accomplish this. How do I remove a license from a computer so that I can assign it to a different one?

    Please uninstall Folder Transfer on the old machine and install it on the new computer. Then provide us with the old Computer ID and your Order ID, and we will transfer the license for you.

  • Im in the process of transfering files from my old laptop to my new laptop, everything is running smoothly so far, the only question i have is once all the files have been received by file transfer, how do i then get them up onto my new laptop?

    You can do as follows:
    1. Double click the received item, (Or: Right click the item to select "Explorer") , then you can open the receiver folder where the items are located, then you can move them with Window Exploerer.

    2. Actually, you can set the receiver folder by yourself, so that you can receive the files in to a destination folder at your will. Please do that from :Settings -- File Transfer-- File Receiving Settings ". You can also select Automatically or Manually or even Never receive files and folders.

  • I want to move my computers around, and I've bought your software to help me accomplish this. How do I remove a license from a computer so that I can assign it to a different one?

    Please uninstall Folder Transfer on the old machine and install it on the new computer. Then provide us with the old Computer ID and your Order ID, and we will transfer the license for you.

  • I just purchased your product, and apparently misunderstood what it meant by users. I want to transfer files between my computers. Two of the computers are at remote location. Do I have to pay $29.99 for EACH COMPUTER? Really, all I need to to is be able to easily transfer files from the remote location to my home location. Can I just register the computer at the remote location, so it can transfer unlimited files to my home computer, or do both computers need to be registered?

    As for your case, the computers on both remote location and your home locations must be installed Folder Transfer software, but only the one that you want to transfer files needs to be registerred. You do not need to pay and register for each computer.

  • While I had the computers on the home network they all communicated and transferred files between computers . Now that the laptop has moved to a remote location, we are having problems. When the laptop boots up and Folder Transfer is running, I have the little computer and name pop up in the Network Computers list. However it doesn’t turn blue and the properties show it as UnReach. When I wand over it with the pointer it reads Offline. If the laptop shouts down, the computer stops showing in the Network Computers box. I get the impression I’m close to having this working but not sure what to try next. Can you lend a hand?

    When using connection over remote network, please make sure a computer can be connected by the other one over internet (At least, let one computer to have an Internet IP). In your case, maybe the routers on both sides cannot support UPNP protocol, which can help automatically map the port for the computer so that it can obtain an Internet IP address. Here are three solutions that can help resolve your problem, and you may choose either one of them:

    1. Use direct Internet connection on one side at least. It means let one computer connect to the internet directly without using a router.
    2. Use a router that can support UPNP protocol on one side at least. Now many routers can support UPNP protocol.
    3. Go to one router to manually map the port and IP. For example, if your router address is, then you can visit to configurate your router's settings. Usually, you can add one item (port 9595 and the computer's IP) in Forwarding Rules --Virtual Server. Different routers may have different interfaces, As long as your router can support NAT, this kind of setting can work.

    Please also note that your need use "Remote Network --Join a Group" if you just make changes on one side according to one of the above solutions. If you use "Remote Network - Connect to Computer", you needt make
    changes on both sides, or make changes on the server side, which is connected by the other computer.


  • What do "Upload" and "Download" mean in Folder Transfer ?

    "Upload" means the computer sends files to other networked computers. "Download" means the computer gets files from other networked computers. They are always a couple of concepts to describe data transfer direction. If a file is transfered from Computer A to Computer B, including the following situations:

    1. Computer A is sending a file to Computer B.

    2. Computer B is restoring a file from Computer A, or getting a file from A .

    In either one situation above, A is in "Upload" status, B is in "Download" status.

    So, if one computer is in "Upload" status, its counterpart computer will be in "Download". Vise versa. And each computer can be in both "Upload" and "Download" status at the same time.