How to Register

After you download and install Folder Transfer, you will get a permanent free edition (freeware). You may upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version. Click here to compare editions.

Permanent Free Edition

After install and run Folder Transfer, you will have a permanent free edition.


  • Purchase a license online :

You can go to our Buynow page to place your order. After the order is processed successfully, you will get a confirmation email with an order number.

  • Register for Professional or Enterprise edition

Please input your order number in the registration form ("Help - Register - input "Order No.") and also select the computers to be registerred, then the software will generate the registration code automatically.

Please note that there are two ways for payment (Viiew the Buynow Page).

One-Off Payment: The price is one-time cost. There is no any annual fee.

Annual License Billing Plan: If you want to pay less to use the software, you may choose this kind of payment. But when your purchased licenses have expired, you need to pay again to renew your licenses.


  • The same registration code CAN NOT be used on other computers
  • Folder Transfer will create a hardware code on computer's hardware. If you need to use the software on a new computer or if for any reason your computer crashes or certain hardware changes which will make a different hardware code, please contact us to get a new registration code for free.