Welcome to Folder Transfer!

Folder Transfer is an easy and reliable Free File Transfer Software product, which can transfer files and folders to multiple computers simultaneously over local network or Internet/Intranet. You can also share your files and folders across networks and let others to download anytime.

What will Folder Transfer do:

  • Transfer files from pc to pc easily

    Both files and folders can be tranferred to anohter computer in 3 steps.

  • Send large files between computers directly

    Each big file size can be unlimited.

  • Transfer files to multiple destinations simultaneously

    No matter destination computers are online or offline, do it at a time!

  • Remote file transfer over Internet or Intranet

    It is not required for you to know each remote computer's IP address

  • Support breakpoint transmission and MD5 file verification

    Reliable and no worry about network connection interruption.

  • Share files and folders across network

    Share your files, and let others download them anytime.

  • Transfer and share multiple folders easily

    Drag and Drop, Easy to Use !

After you download and install Folder Transfer, you will get a permanent free edition (freeware). You may upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version.

Please read this Online Manual which can help you install and start using this software. You may always contact us by email or click Contact Us.