Why I recommend this file transfer program?

- By Jess, United Kingdom

Computer networking makes it easy to share and receive files even on the largest local area networks and internet. In the new technological environment file sharing and transferring has become the norm. In big and small companies alike, the management of important data is done through local area networking and transferring files over the internet. Therefore a good file sharing software helps in better administration of files and keeps the shared data consistent. Furthermore if there are any new changes made to the existing file or document then it will be easily available over LAN (local area networks) or remote network (Internet/Intranet). Folder Transfer is a very unique and interesting software tool which has been recently launched. This is a relatively new invention and was recommended to me by a friend.


Here are some reasons why I found this new software tool to be unique and a reliable one. It is definitely recommended to save this software on computers at home and offices.


  • Free Software
    The best part about this software is that it is for free. It can share files and folders on a large computer network, local as well as Internet/Intranet. Not only that but if you want to share your personal files with other people you can easily upload them and network users can download anytime. However what makes 'Folder Transfer' different from other file sharing software is its unmatched speed. So there is no need to save data and information on a USB and give it to other people. Even the biggest files can be shared in seconds through 'Folder Transfer' software.
  • Large files directly exchanged between computers
    This enables the users to easily send large amounts of data on a network. Within seconds a big file can be transferred to computers of various departments. By having a company Drop box or home group on computers everyone can view and share their work with their colleagues. This will lead to efficiency and time saving. Files saved on other computers can also be easily downloaded. People can also share photos and large videos in less time. There is no need to print the information or save it on a disk or USB.
  • Reliable and cost effective
    As it is for free there is no need to buy licensed copy for your laptops and computers. First try the free edition and if satisfied you can buy the Professional and Enterprise editions that have more features. Instead of taking too much time to install this software you can easily load it on the file server. It also has an option to set a password so as to give limited access over files which you do not want to be shared or viewed by the public at large. Their network security ID option helps to maintain security. In this way user will have a same security ID to connect together with other private computers.
  • View file transfer percentage
    This software enables the user to view the amount of time taken to transfer a file. It designed in a way to be flexible, which makes it convenient for the user to stop or resume the data transfer to be completed at a later date. In this way there are no time constraints.
  • Facilitates remote computers
    This file sharing software also enables you to share files on internet networks; be it pictures, videos or PDF files. It can share and transfer files with people around the world. Also even if you are not connected to the internet you can still communicate by transferring files to one another through electronic mail on the network system.