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Transfer File

PC to PC File Transfer Software

Folder Transfer can transfer files and folders to multiple computers over local network or Internet/Intranet. Free version available.

Download Folder TransferDownload Folder Transfer to Send Files and Folders!

Download Folder Transfer


  1. Transfer files from PC to PC

    Files and folders can be easily transferred to another computer.

  2. Transfer files between computers over Internet

    Connect remote computers directly. No more clouds.

  3. Transfer files to multiple destinations simultaneously

    No matter destination computers are online or offline, do it at a time!

  4. Send large files and folders easily

    Each big file size can be unlimited. Forget email attachment.

  5. Share files and folders across networks

    Let others download your shared files from your computer via Internet

  6. Support breakpoint transmission

    Reliable and no worry about network connection interruption.

Backup Between Computers

Transfer files from computer to computer

Remote Backup

Transfer files over Internet/Intranet

File Transfer

Transfer files and folders to multiple destinations

How to Transfer Files From PC to PC ? Simple Steps to send files !

  • Run the software on computers that will send or receive files.

  • Drag files or folders and drop to a target computer

  • let the program automatically complete the file transfer.

* All computers can connect together automatcially in LAN (Local Area Network)
* Remote computers can easily connect together by joining a same network group.