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Folder Transfer - Network File Transfer Software

How to transfer data from a computer to another by internet? Please try Folder Transfer ! It is the best free network file transfer software that can transfer your files and folders over LAN (Local Area Network) or over Internet (remote network access). You can use this automatic network file transfer program to remotely transfer files to multiple destinataions across networks at a time.

Key Features:

  • * Easy way to send and receive large files and folders. Drag and Drop to send, the recipant then get it. (It is not requred the file receiver computer is online when the sender computer take the file transfer operation)
  • * Big file transfer from computer to computer over lan (local area network)
  • * Remotely move files and folders from one networked pc to another (via Internet/Intranet)
  • * A better alternative to email for remote large file transfer, no email attachment anymore
  • * Share big files and folders to let others download anytime over networks (Internet , Intranet, LAN, etc.)
  • Here are some network file transfer solutions of Folder Transfer: 

    You can use this free network file transfer program to transfer and share files from one pc to another over internet, or transfer files to multiple computers no matter they are in your office LAN , home network, corporate remote network (Intranet or VPN), or even anywhere on the internet.

    If you want auto copying files between computers or free pc to pc data transfer over the internet, Folder Transfer can be your best choice! Please download it from

    If you need features including backup+sync+file transfer, please try Backup Cow, a sister product of Folder Transfer..

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    Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.

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