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Send Files to Multiple Computers


I have two questions: 
1. do you have an option for multi selection ? for example , lets say i have 100 computers which i want to send them files, do i have to tick them , one by one or can i do it with a single click (select all) 

2. if i have 10 computers but only one is administrator that send files and other only receive files can i use Enterprise edition on the computers that send file and all other that only receive files will use the free edition ? thanks Gilad


Here are the answers for your questions.

1. Yes. You can select multiple computers as tartget computers at a time.
After you click "Send Files to ..." and select files you wish to send, and you may click "Select Online" when you select target computers, then you will select all online computers, and send files to them.

BTW, do you have a need to send all computers including offline computers on which Folder Transfer is not running? If yes, Folder Transfer has this feature in the latest version to let you select all computers including those offline computers in order to send files to them. When those offline computers run Folder Transfer and connect to your computer, then the file transfer job will automatically be executed.

2. Yes. You may just purchase Enterprise edition on the computer you use to send files. And you may use free version on computers you use to receive files only. However, you will get messages on those computers to ask you to upgrade the software. 


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