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Best LAN File Transfer Software

Folder Transfer  is the best free LAN file transfer software transfer and share data over local area network. The program lets you conveniently connect computers across local networks and perform local file transfer between LAN computers. No matter the hard drives or folders on your networked computers are network share or not, you can easily backup to another computer over local network. The handy file transfer utility is widely used by both business and individual users on their local network areas, including office LAN and home network connected by wifi network (WLAN). 

Here is the main window screenshot of Folder Transfer:
Please download this powerful lan file sending software from pc to pc and get an absolutely free version. You can send files to multiple network computers at a time. 
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Folder Transfer is not only an lan to lan file transfer software, but also an effective tool for remote networks. Many companies need do remote file transfer especially when their staff need work in differnet locations or they have offices in different cities. Most file transfer software products require their users to provide the IP address of the remote location, so the network configuration or setup will be very complicated when you use these programs. Folder Transfer provides a great remote network connection solution to solve this issue, no matter you want to connect two LANs in different locations or connect two remote computers directly. Folder Transfer has a feature called "Join a Group" which is a network connection mode that can easily help you connect remote computers by creating a network group. The users just need to sign up and login into a network group, their computers can connect together and perform remote file transfer and don't need know the IP address of the other network users. Certainly you may use another network mode, "Connect to a Computer", to connect two computers by entering the remote computer's IP. So Folder Transfer is a network file transfer software program for both WAN and LAN. 

In fact, two above network modes can also be applied to LAN backup, particularly when network computers are not in the same local network range. These two network connection methods will help you transfer files between computers across multiple LANs while you don't need to set up a lan transfer server. 

As we know, there are many lan file transfer software products in the market. But not all local network file transfer programs can work reliably and conveniently. And some lan file transfer solution are very expensive. Folder Transfer can meet all the local file transfer needs and work for most computers and storage devices on LAN, including external hard disk, USB drives, network attached storage, network mapped drives, and network shared folders. In addition, it is a free lan file transfer program that allows users to send data without size limitations, and you can get free trial of all the features of the Professional and Enterprise versions in the freeware version. Folder Transfer, the great data transfer tool for LAN, is affordable and widely used in office and home network. Please do not hesitate to get free download of this LAN file transfer software to install in on your local computer network. 


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Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.