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You may find difficulty to transfer files from PC to PC via LAN network or from hard drives to another computers.So,which is the best LAN file sharing tool?Please try Folder Transfer.Folder Transfer is a free program that allows user transfer files and data from PC to PC via local network and remote network.
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What is Folder Transfer ?                                                                                
*Easy and free
Folder Transfer is a free, user-friendly and compact network software specially intended for users who want to remotely send data and transfer files between multiple computers.You do not have to pay so much money on transfer device which means you save the budget of your business .Plus,everyone can use this software because it is so simple ,just like a piece of cake.

*Concise interface
Its interface is very attractive because of its well-organized menus and options. You can easily view, manage and organize all the available computers and select the ones you are interested in from the main window.There is no other sophisticated options in the transfer window,just a few buttons,the transfer task can be finished.

*Transfer huge size files 
Folder Transfer can let you transfer big files between multiple PCs,you do not have to worry about the size limitation about transfer. Sometimes you have to transfer or download the big files from other computers via remote network,some hard drives or USB devices can not contain such huge size in their drives space.However,Folder Transfer can do that.Now matter how big the files or no matter how many files you send ,you can feel free to transfer the desired files .

*Local File sharing
Folder Transfer provides you with a data transferring bridge.How to do that?You can join a group between your friends and family.Get together with your family members,just need to put a group name,a password in the box.After connecting the group,you are all the sharing members that you can share any files(music,photo,mp3,pdf,documents,etc.)any time and any where.

How to join a group?

When you run Folder Transfer on your computer for the first time, it will automatically connect to other computers where Folder Transfer is also running across LAN.

So, if all your peer computers are in the same local network, you don't need take any action for the local network connection setup. You just need run Folder Transfer on each networked computer, then you can transfer your computer files onto other computers over the local network.

1.Download Folder Transfer from the download page 
2.Install the software manually
3.Run Folder Transfer
4.Click "Network"
5.Create a new account(input a group name,a password ),please remember that you should keep the password secretly
6.Click"Join a group",then input the previous group name and password

Other Key features 
----Data Transfer Viewer and Management
----View real-time data transfer speed and status
----View file transfer percentage
----Support break-point transmission

----Transfer folders and files from computer to computer over local area network (LAN)
----Transfer folders and files from one computer to another over Internet (remote network)
----Transfer files and folders to multiple computers simultaneously
----Transfer large folders and files between two computers directly
----Share files and folders to let others download anytime over networks

Why file transfer is important?

1.Transfer data from old PC to new computer 
When you buy a new computer or notebook, probably you will want to transfer files from the old computer to the new one. What is the most simple way to transfer huge amount of files and folders from the old PC to the new PC ? It is quite annoying to move thousands of files from the old computer to the new PC by using USB or an external hard drive or copying files to another network drive (it will occupy huge disk space on another computer's hard drive. Is there a very convenient method to transfer files from your old computer to your new computer ? Folder Transfer will be the best way to transfer files from a old PC to a new PC. You just need to select the files and folders you wish to move to the new PC, then select the new computer name in the software program window, all the files will be transferred fast.

2.Remote network file transfer 

Transferring folders and files to a remote computer via Internet usually brings you trouble because you don't know the remote computer's IP address. However,Folder transfer provides you with the easiest way to transfer files between computer over Internet, Intranet or WAN. With its advanced network connection methods, it is not required for you to know the remote computer's IP address or port number. all the computers can connect together by joining a same network group, then they can transfer files between each other. Definitely, you can also input the remote computer is IP or port number to set up the network connection, then remotely transfer files between computers. Do you want to share files in a preferential way?Do you want to transfer a folder via the internet and intranet ? Download Folder Transfer !


Folder Transfer's advantage is its ease of use for all types of computer users. No complicated instructions required. We like this free duplicate file transfer and sharing tool!

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Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.