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Freeware to Transfer and Share Files

Folder Transfer is a sister software of Backup Cow.If you are seeking for a widget to transfer and share files over intranet and internet from one to another,Folder Transfer can help you.It offers strong features,such as sending  big files from PC to PC,sharing and downloading files from another computer,or achieve network connection,etc.
Transfer File
*About file transfer 
*Send big files between computers
You may find difficulty to send big files to another PC.Thanks to Folder Transfer,you can do it easily.Sending files and folders to a remote computer over Internet usually brings troublesome to you  because you don't know the remote computer's IP address. Another trouble is that sometimes you want to send big files via Email,but some email platform would not let you send huge size file to another PC.There fore,Email and other transfer tool is not the best choice for you. Folder transfer provides you with the most simple way to transfer files between computers via Internet or any WAN :Intranet, VPN. With the flexible remote internet connection method, you don't need to know the remote computer's internet IP address on the internet and its port number. all the computers can connect together by signing in a same network group, then they can transfer files between the network group members. Definitely, you can also input the remote computer's internet IP and port number to set up the remote network connection, then remotely transfer files between computers via internet.Moreover ,it lets you open folders with Windows Explorer (Explorer) and run the file directly.
Backup Between Computers
Remote Backup
File Transfer
*About file sharing
If you are looking for reliable  device to share and download files from another PC,why not choose Folder Transfer?Just need several simple steps,you can easily share files from one computer to another.If you are on holidays,you want to share your happiness and joys to your friends.Folder Transfer is quite suitable for you.Your friends in any places can download your photos,videos,music,etc.Your joys will be shared via network even though you are in remote places.If you are a CEO in abroad ,but you forget to bring the important document with you,you can use Folder Transfer to  solve problems.In this software,you can download the desired files  from remote network,which is much more convenient than fax or email.
*About how to connect computers together
Method 1:

Folder Transfer can make all computers connect together by joining a same network group.In this way,all users don't need to know each other computers' IP addresses and port numbers.You only need to create a remote group account,then all remote users can log in the same network group.
Notes:This method is recommend for remote network 

Method 2 :
If you have some neighbor computers (laptop and desktop),you can ask them for the IP address and port number. Just directly input the IP address and port number of the remote computer or remote network.There you can connect to the remote PC or the remote network.

*About settings
Generally,you can set up the computer name by yourself,every desired name can be set there,so that other people in your group can easily find you out.Secondly you can set the IP address and LAN port.As to the hint setting,you can choose which one you want.You can set "show hints when sending files","show hints when transferring is complete",or "show hints when receiving a file",etc .All these option can be customized .
Other key features:
----Data Transfer Viewer and Management
----View real-time data transfer speed and status
----View file transfer percentage 
--- Stop or resume any data transfer
---Support break point transmission
What benefits can you get from Folder Transfer ?
No matter you are a manager in a company or a student at college,Folder Transfer will give you unexpectable surprise.
If you are running a company with a few branches or divisions nationwide, you need to remote send files or data to those branch stores or remote locations every month. You may consider some issues when you are looking for a remote file transferring application to solve this matter. Some questions may be refrred to.For exmaple,What is the cheapest way to transfer data? How can I send a folder to another computer remotely ? How can I send big files easily within few minutes?How to transfer my files and folders to mutlple destinations at a time ? Can I tansfer my files over Internet without using any public cloud services ?
The answer is Folder Transfer .It has powerful features to transfer data from PC to PC and share files between multiple computers via the same network group.

*Folder Transfer can support most Windows platforms, including: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003,Windows NT 4.0

Are you interested in Folder Transfer?Download and have a try now !


Folder Transfer's advantage is its ease of use for all types of computer users. No complicated instructions required. We like this pc to pc file transfer software!

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About Folder Transfer
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Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.