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PC to PC File Transfer Freeware

Have you gathered lots of vacation photos and wanted to send them to your friends? Or are you upgrading to a new computer and need an easiest way to quickly transfer your files on your old PC to your new machine? If so, Folder Transfer may rank No.1 in your list. Folder Transfer is the easiest way to quickl transfer files over LAN/Intranet/Internet. It is high speed PC to PC file transfer software.  Here is a quick look at the usage scenarios of Folder Transfer.

* File transfer to multiple computers over Internet

* Transfer a folder from one computer to another locally

* Tranfer files from one IP address to another

* Need best file sharing software to another computer


If knowing the IP address and port number of a computer, how can I send big files using Folder Transfer?

In this circumstance, you can choose the method, "Connect to a Computer". The specific steps are as followed.

1. Run Folder Transfer on your computer and another one.
2. On another computer: File Transfer- Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your computer's IP Address and Port Number (usually the port # is 8585, or you may find it in your  computer's Folder Transfer), then click OK.

3. On your computer: File Transfer- Send files to network computers- Select files or folders - Click "Next"- Select your target PC in the network computers field - Click "OK" or "Next" to go to "Filter" tab (Optional)
3. Then Folder Transfer will instantly send your big files to another computer.

However, the IP address may be often changed, so another method, "Join a Grougp" is more worthy of recommendation. As to this method, which is highly recommended for remote network, you don't need to know any IP address or port #. Here are the instructions.

1. Run Folder Transfer on both your PC and another one

2. On your computer:  File Transfer- Network -- Join a Group -- Create a group- Sign up a group account- Input group name and password- Click "Sign up" button

Then input the Group Name and Password in "Join a Group" tab- Click "OK" (Network - Join a Group )

(Thereafter, you just need to select the group name showing under "Network" to join the group, no need to input the group name and password again.)

3. On another computer: Input Group name and Password, then click "OK". (Network - Join a Group)

In addition to remote file transfer software, Folder Transfer is also a folder share program, which allows to share pictures, movie and other files with networking users and supports downloading other network users' shared folders.

If you need  free file sending and sharing apps, please free download Folder Transfer
By the way, Backup Cow is sister freeware of Folder Transfer. If you are searching for private cloud backup solutions, please have a free trial of Backup Cow.


Thanks to this free file transfer software, I can easily and quickly transfer files from pc to pc over internet. It is very convenient and helpful.

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Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.