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Questions from a Folder Transfer User

Question 1:

About sending data files from 20 computers to one master computer

I have 20 Computers - A in USA, B in Tokyo, C in London, D in Bombay, E in Dhaka, and so on. I have data files TokyoTest.dat in B, LondonTest.dat in C, BombayTest.dat in D and so on.... These data files are changing every second, but i want to monitor every minute, not every second. I am running an app in Computer A in USA, that will need the data from B, C, D, E... at the end of each minute. Can i transfer files from B,C,D,... to A every minute using automated ftp? If you can do it how much is the total cost?Will you return the money back if it does not work? Can we talk over phone? Please let me know if the problem is not clear.

Our software, Folder Transfer, can meet your needs exactly.

You can set up a schedule to send files every minute from computer B,C,D,E... to computer A.
You need run Folder Transfer program on each computer, and use "Join a Group" feature to implement remote file transfer. (let all computers join a same group  to set up remote network connection.)

In your case you need 21 licenses.
For Professional edition, the cost is US$609 (USD29 each)
For Enterprise edition, the cost is US$819 (USD39 each)

To compare editions, please view:

The software offers 7-day free trial of full functionality, so please download and evaluate the program.
Here is the download page:

Please make sure the software can meet your needs before you purchase.

Even though we may offer refund option to our customers, it is not recommended to go through the refund process because the software is for full function free trial, and there are some unrefundable fees for each transaction. 

Question 2:
1. We will develop the app and test the system in USA and at the end, it will be implemented in Bangladesh. Can we do it?

2. For testing in USA, we have 3 computers: A in DC, B in Boston and C in Los Angles. So I'll buy 3 Professional Edition licenses right now. The app will run in A.Can these 3 licenses be transferred in 3 computers in Dhaka later on?

3.Will your technical support walk me through the installation in one computer?

4. If I can talk to you over phone or chat online, i could get answers of all my questions in one session. Can i do it?

Folder Transfer software offers 7-day free trial with full functionality (Enterprise edition), so you can test the program to see if it can meet your needs before you buy the licenses.
Please make sure the software can work for you before you buy.

The licensing method is on computer basis. Each license will be associated with one computer's hardware code.  So each license cannot be transferred to another computer after it is used for registration on one computer.
So, you may purchase 3 licenses of Professional edition firstly. Then you purchase other licenses for other computers later when you need.

The software is easy for installation and use. You just need install and run Folder Transfer on computers you wish to transferred between.

We are unable to offer telephone support due to the high volume of inquiries everyday and the time zone difference around the world.
We can offer free email support, and will get back to you ASAP.

Question 3:
After the successful development and testing of the app, we will
implement it on a network of 20 computers and then we will develop
another network of 67 computers.
I have 3 computers (XP 32 bit –full name: 1eb-77159d2, XP 64 bit –
full name: D58Y3HH1 and a Vista – full name: Shah-PC) and a printer at
my home connected to a wi-fi network. I have downloaded Folder
Transfer 4 (FT4) in all 3 computers. When I click on the FT4 shortcut
in XP 64 and XP 32, the normal display shows up as shown in your
manual, i.e. Send , Receive etc. But on Vista, it does not show up.
I have formed a group with a name TwoComp and pwd: dhaka1. On the
display of XP 32 bit, it shows that it is looking for D58Y3HH1 (XP 64
bit) and on the display of XP 64 bit, it shows that it is looking for
1eb-77159d2 (XP 32 bit), but I could not transfer or share any file.
Can you help me via live chat or telephone? My future purchase depends
on the success of this expt.

If two computers can log in the same group, usually they can connect each other and send ans share files.
Please let all the computers log in the group, and send screenshots of the program to us for further investigation.

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