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Folder Transfer is a step-by-step guide for transferring files ,photos,music or other documents between multiple computers via LAN or remote network. Plus,it helps you send large files and folders over Internet/Intranet. You can use this auto network file transfer program to remotely send files to multiple destinations at a time.

If you have a lot files or folders to send to others over internet, Folder Transfer is the ideal file transfer tool to send a large amount of files via LAN.You may ask me  how to send large files  over the website ? Folder Transfer, the local and  remote network file transfer widget application  allows you send files as many as you need. You do not need to worry about the file limitations.If you are running  a company with a few branches or divisions across the country, you need to remotely send files or folders, no matter the total file size is over 3 GB, 5 GB or 7 GB, to those remote locations every month, every week, or every day. You may think about that  some issues when you are looking for a remote file transferring application to solve the problems if using third-part cloud storage solutions including web email services. For example, the data you need to transfer may be lost somewhere or sometimes,so that your data is not as secure as we imagine.But Folder Transfer will automatically protect your data .Folder Transfer is just like a safe birdcage and you can take out or store the files and folders in it ,very simple .The second concern related to the size of your data .If the data volume I need to send is huge (probably over 5 GB every day), is there any cost effective software for this? How to transfer my data (files or folders) to multiple destinations over internet at a time ? How can I send a file to another computer remotely and also securely? How can I transfer my files over Internet without using any public cloud storage services if I care about the privacy ? Is there an internet file transferring program to transfer files to a remote computer and no need to know its IP address ? (a better alternative to FTP file transfer solution ?)

Try Folder Transfer, which is one of the best internet file transfer software that can send files via Internet or other remote access like VPN, Intranet, WAN. And both the single file size and the total file size you can send will be unlimited if you use Enterprise edition of the software that is the cheapest in terms of pricing. No matter you are going to send a video file or a folder with photos to your friends online,  Folder Transfer is the best tool to send files!

Buying a new computer is just like redecorating your home. The whole point is that you had to transfer all the data from the old to the new one. Whether you are using laptop or desktops,Folder Transfer will make the greatest effects to help you transfer data from PC to PC easily.You do not need to follow complicated steps but simple methods.Let's look at the steps :

How to Install Folder Transfer ?

1.Download the latest version of Folder Transfer from the Download page.

2 .Unzip the download package and double click "folder transfer_Setup.exe" to get started. Then click "Next" in the coming "Welcome to the Folder Transfer Setup Wizard" interface to continue.

3.Click "Next" to continue in the "Select Destination Location" interface, and setup will install Folder Transfer into the default folder. If you would like to select a different folder, click "Browse".

4.Click "Finish" in the last "Completing the folder transfer Setup Wizard" interface to exit Setup.

How to Send Files and Folders?

1.Run Folder Transfer 

2.Click "Send Files" to select files and folders you wish to send. (Or drag and drop files or folders into the Sender box from Windows Explorer)

3.Select destinations you wish to send files to. (You can also select several destinations as you like )

Why you need Folder Transfer?

*Save your transfer budget
You may need to purchase  so many USB device or portable hard drives,but they are the traditional transfer methods.In modern society ,you need a brand-new way to help you transfer data from PC to PC.If you are running a company,you may transfer huge amount of data from time to time,traditional methods can not meet the increasing data nowadays yet .Therefore,you may try Folder Transfer .Folder Transfer has the ability to transfer any files from PC to PC via intranet or remote network.Even though you are abroad ,you can still download documents from your office laptop or your colleague computers.In  addition,you do not have to carry such a heavy device with you to other places .Folder Transfer charges little money but provides greatest function,everyone likes it .

*Transfer data between your community 
With Folder Transfer ,you can share and download files from your community.There sis a highlight features that is "join a group".You may feel headache that you could not enter your friend's computer because you don't  know the exact IP number or port number of the computer.Thanks to Folder Transfer,you can connect all the computers at one time .You just need to create a group then all of the PCs can get together and share data easily.So,how to join a group ?Here is some steps 
1.Run Folder Transfer
2.Click"Network"----"Join a group 
3.Sign up a group (enter group name and group password )
4.Join a group (enter the pre-set group name and password)

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Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.

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