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Freeware to transfer files from PC to PC

Folder Transfer lets you transfer files and folders from PC to PC via LAN or remote network,besides,it enables you to receive and share files to mulitple destinations.Easy,free and useful,that is Folder Transfer.Free Trail Download!

What can Folder Transfer do for you? Let's talk about the key features:

*Send big files

Are you suffering from slowly transfer?Are you considering how to send large files(over2gb or 3gb) and folders to another PC?Are you thinking of which software to transfer files?Folder Transfer can solve all these problems.Why?With Folder Transfer ,you can send big files becasue there is no size limitation.Moreover,you can manually setup the transfer speed.Lastly,when you transfering files ,your PC won't be slow down,which is quite satisfactory.


How to send files from PC to PC via LAN?

1.Select files or folders to send



2.Select the desired destinations




*Share and receive files

Imagine when you are on holidays,you want to share your joy and happiness to your family or friends.How to do that?Folder Transfer can help you.It allows your friends to download your pictures,music,video from remote network.By Folder Transfer,you can share files or folders to mulitple destinations via remote network,which takes little time.Folder Transfer can be an excellent transfer tool to you!


How to receive files and folders?

1.Click "Receive Files From Network Computers"

2."Add Folders to Receive"to select the desired files or folders



*Create your own file sharing group

There is an excellent feature about Folder Transfer----Join a group.If you want to send files to multiple destinations,you may create a group to make it come true.Why is this so useful?Since it is absolutely secure and efficient.When  you create a group,you have your own password so others won't be able to interrupt your PC and your data will be confidential.

 Tool bar Setting---Network


Sign Up a Group

Click "Sign Up a Group",enter your group name,E-mail and password



 Join a Group.

Enter the group name and password,click "OK"to join your friends group,you can share and download what you want.






Want to know more about Folder Transfer ?>>Read More


 Nowadays,transfer files from PC to PC become more and more important.In order to make it come true,many external drives such as USB or hard dirves can transfer files.However,these kind of drives have their drawback.Time watse and data lost,which disturb common computer user.To avoid the shortage of hard drive devices,Folder Transfer is your best choice.Folder Transfer is designed to transfer files and folders via LAN,it can not only send photos,music,video,pdf or other types of files,but also protect the security of your PC.

To enrich your life,to bring convenience,to simplfy file sharing,let's  download Folder Transfer !


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About Folder Transfer
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Folder Transfer is a file transfer software that can transfer files from pc to pc, and send files and folders to multiple computers over internet or local area network (LAN). It is also a file sharing program that allows you to share your files and folders on your computers and then let other users to download over networks. Free version is available.

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