Folder Transfer - Send Large Files and Folders

Folder Transfer is the best software to send large files and folders over Internet/Intranet. You can use this auto network file transfer program to remotely send files to multiple destinataions at a time.

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No matter your file size is 4GB or over 5GB. Folder Transfer will allow you to send unlimited large files to any computers over the Internet directly. You don't need to send large size files to a third-party cloud storage service provider. Also unlike Dropbox which only allows maximum 2gb storage space for each user, any Folder Transfer can send unlimted size of files over internet. Please download Folder Transfer to send big files between computers across internet.

Send large files between two computers over Internet or Intranet.

To send a large file between 2 computers, you may choose two ways to connect two remote computers:

One is to join a same network group. The other is to directly input the remote computer's Internet IP address or port number. Please view Network Connections in the Online Manual.

Remote Backup

Transfer large files between remote computers via Internet

Both users can send and recieve big files and folders in two-way

Send Big Files to Multiple Destinations over Internet or Local Area Network:

File Transfer

Transfer big files to other computers over internet or local area network (LAN), Sender can send out files to more receivers

Share large files and folders to let other users to download over nework anytime. (You don't need to send files to others)

Key features of Folder Transfer software:

  • Send large files and folders over the internet to other computers
  • Remote file transfer with other remote connection methods including Intranet, VPN, WAN
  • Remotely transfer big files and folders to multiple computers simultaneously
  • Easy way to send and receive large files and folders. Drag and Drop to send, the recipant then get it. (It is not requred the file receiver computer is online when the sender computer take the file transfer operation)
  • A better alternative to email for remote large file transfer, no email attachment anymore
  • Flexible remote network connections. More Convenient internet file transfer solution than other ftp transfer tools (It is not required to know remote computer's internet ip address)
  • Share big files and folders to let others download anytime over networks (Internet , Intranet, LAN, etc.)
  • Support breakpoint transmission and MD5 file verification to make sure the reliability of the large file sending
  • Big file transfer from computer to computer over lan (local area network)

You can use this large file transfer software to send files from one computer to another over internet, or transfer files to multiple PCs no matter they are located in your office LAN , home network or even corporate remote networks. (Freeware is available for transferring a big file no larger than 100MB, and you can purchase Professional or Enterprise editions in order to send a file bigger than 0.1gb.)

Who will use this file transfer software ?

Send large files and folder to anyone over Internet

If you have a lot files or folders to send to others over internet, Folder Transfer is the ideal file transfer tool to send a large amount of files over the internet. How to send large files 1gb over the web ? Folder Transfer, the remote network file transfer software application can allow you send files as many as you need. If you are operating a company with a few branches or divisions across the country, you need to remotely send files or folders, no matter the total file size is over 2gb, 3gb or 4gb, to those remote locations every month, every week, or every day. You may consider some issues when you are looking for a remote file transferring application to solve the problems if using third-part cloud storage solutions incluiding web email services. For example, If the data volume I need to send is huge (probably over 5 gb every day), is there any cost effective software for this? How to transfer my data (files & folders) to mutlple destinations over internet at a time ? How can I send a file to another computer remotely and also securely? How can I tansfer my files over Internet without using any public cloud storage services if I care about the privacy ? Is there an internet file transferring program to transfer files to a remote computer and no need to know its IP address ? (a better alternative to ftp file transfer solution ?)

Try Folder Transfer, which is one of the best internet file transfer softwares that can send files via Internet or other remote access like VPN, Intranet, WAN. And both the single file size and the total file size you can send will be unlimited if you use Enterprise edition of the software that is the cheapest in terms of pricing. No matter you are going to send a video file or a folder with photos to your friends online, Folder Transfer is the best tool to send files!

PC to PC File Transfer Software to move or copy files and folders

Folder Transfer program is not only an internt file sender software, but also a lan file copy software. As a marketing or sales person, you may need often copy many files and folders from company's server or your desktop to show some key materials of your company's products and services. So you will have such questions at your company, how can I do a computer to computer file transfer? More exactly, how to move my tons of files from desktop to laptop ? If i am out of office, how can I retrieve files or data from my company's server over internet remotely? What is the best way to copy files and folders between computers, especially when there many files that are large size need to copy or move ? Definitely, Folder Transfer is the best pc to pc file transfer utitlity for you to transfer your files between two computers. In addition, it is an automatic file transfer software program, you just need to drag the files and folders into the program window, then you can transfer all of the files to another pc.

Another usage of this network file copy software is to help you move files from one pc to another. When you buy a new laptop or new desktop computer, you want to move your files from the old pc to the new computer. You will think about: Which is the easiest way for transferring my files from the old computer to new laptop ? The answer is Folder Tranasfer. Free version is available to let you use all the features of the file transfer utility to send up to 100 mb files to another computer. If you need move more file size to another pc, you can purchase the pro or enterprise versions online, and the price is very cheap.

A better alternative to e-mail attachment to send big files

If you need send a large file or a folder that containing a lot of files over internet, it is not feasible to use email attachment for sending a file larger than 25 mb. Even the email service provider like Gmail (it has some size limit for attachment, a bigger size file is not allowed to be attached to a web mail. ) Also, when attching a big size file to a web mail system, it will take long time to wait and there will be failure cases due to internet connection conditions. So it will be very frustrated for sending a big file by email attachment. And mostly email will not either allow you to attach a folder to send. If you use any other web cloud service solutions for sending large files, all your data will be stored outside your company and home, and there is also a storage limit for these internet services. You have to pay monthly fee for any extra data transfer size on internet (For dropbox users, the total free storage size is 2 gb). And either email or internet cloud service provider doesn't allow you to send a folder over internet, and you have to transfer thousands of files one by one through internet. So, you will have such a question, what is the best way for large file transfer over internet between two computers remotely ? Folder Transfer provides you with the best way to transfer large files and folders over internet. The total file size is unlimited, and a single file size can as large as you like.

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What benefits will you get from this large file transfer software ?

  • The best software to send large files and folders over Internet
    Sending files and folders to a remote computer over Internet usually brings you headache because you don't know the remote computer's IP address. (As explanation above, email attachment is not a good option for sending larger files and folders, you have to find an remote file transfer tool) Folder transfer provides you with the easist way to tranfer files between computers over Internet or any WAN :Intranet, VPN. With the flexible remote internet connection method, you don't need to know the remote computer's internet IP address on the internet and its port number. all the computers can connect together by signing in a same network group, then they can transfer files between the network group members. Definitely, you can also input the remote computer's internet IP and port number to set up the remtoe network connection, then remotely transfer files between computers via internet.
  • The best free solution for pc to pc file transfer or folder mover
    The software cannot only used for remote file transfer, but also for local network computer file transferring. No matter you wish to implement a file transfer from laptop to desktop, or movefiles from desktop to laptop, Folder Transfer is the best way to copy files computer to computer. Particularly, when some members in the same team need send large amout of files between laptops because they are doing a same project, and these files and folders are 100 MB or less, and then you can use Folder Transfer, which is a file transfer freeware to help you transfer files from one laptop to another laptop. (You need order a pro or enterprise edition online for sending files over 100 MB) It is recommened to use the Enterprise version because you can remotely send large files over internet no matter the file size is over 1gb or 3gb. If you are a salesperson in your company and need get many new materials from your manager's desktops, all the files are in a same folder and are synchronized every week, what is the best way to copy files from computer to laptop ? Try Folder Transfer ! You just need to drag and drop the folder into the program window, and select the destination computers you wish to send, all files will be sent automatically. Folder Transfer is the best free program for file transfer between two computers, especially for sending a big folder.
  • The best way to transfer files to new computer from the old computer
    When you buy a new computer or laptop, mostly you will want to transfer a large amout of files from the old computer to the new pc. What is the easiest way to transfer many files and folders from the old pc to the new pc ? It is very difficult to move thousands of files from the old laptop to the new laptop by using USB drive or an external hard disk or copying files to other network drives (it will occupy huge disk space on another computer's hard drive. Is there a very easy way to transfer files from your old computer to your new computer ? Folder Transfer will be the best way to transfer large files from a old computer to a new pc. You just need to select the files and folders you wish to move to the new computer, then select the new pc name in the software program window, all the files will be sended very fast conveniently
  • Share files and folders with your friends and colleagues over internet anytime
    You can share many of your files and folders across networks (office local network or Internet), and others can download the files from your computer anytime. So, Folder Transfer is also a file sharing software program. You don't need to send files to others' computers one by one. An easy way is to just let them download or abtain the files they need accorss networks.

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Have the largest files to send ? Try Folder Transfer that is the best free software for big file transfer between computers over Internet.