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Transfer File

Free Software to Transfer and Share Files

Folder Transfer can transfer files and folders to multiple computers over local network or Internet/Intranet. You can also share your computer files and folders to let other network users download anytime.

Download Folder TransferDownload Folder Transfer

Download Folder Transfer

If you want to sync and backup files across computers over local network or internet, please ues Backup Cow.

  1. Transfer files from PC to PC

    Files and folders can be easily transferred to another computer.

  2. Send large files between computers directly

    Each big file size can be unlimited. Forget email attachment.

  3. Romote file transfer over Internet or Intranet

    Connect remote computers directly. No more clouds.

  4. Transfer files to multiple destinations simultaneously

    No matter destination computers are online or offline, do it at a time!

  5. Share files and folders across network

    Share your files, and let others download from your computer anytime.

  6. Support breakpoint transmission

    Reliable and no worry about network connection interruption.

Backup Between Computers

Transfer Files Between Computers

Remote Backup

Transfer files via Intenet/Intranet

File Transfer

Send files and folders to multiple destinations

Share files and folders to let others download

3 Simple Steps to Transfer or Share Your Files and Folders

  • Install and run the software on computers.

  • Drag and drop (select) files or folders you wish to transfer or share.

  • Auto file transfer can be completed; other network users can download your shared files.

* All computers can connect together automatcially in LAN (Local Area Network)
* Remote computers can easily connect together by joining a same network group.

Features (Free File Transfer - Send Large Files - File Sharing)

  • File Transfer Software
  • - Send and receive both files and folders between computers
    - Send files to multiple computers simultaneously
    - Transfer large files. File size is unlimited for registered users
    - Support breakpoint transmission
    - Transfer data over local area network (LAN) or Internet/Intranet

  • File Sharing Tool
  • - Share files and folders acorss network (Internet or local network)
    - Download shared files available on other computers

  • Data Transfer Viewer and Management
  • - View real-time data transfer speed and status
    - View file transfer percentage
    - Stop or resume any data transfer
    - Support breakpoint transmission

  • Network File Transferring

    - Transfer your files to multiple computers via LAN (Local Area Network) or Internet/Intranet
    - Computers can connect together either by LAN, or joining a same netowrk group, or direct remote access (inputting ip/domain and tcp port number)
    - Network Security ID Option: only allow computer to have a same security ID to connect together.

  • Try the permanent freeware now !

"It is definitely recommended to save this software on computers at home and offices." - Jess, United Kingdom.
Click here to read a third-party review and recommendation for Folder Transfer.

  • Usage Scenarios:

  • Transfer Large Files

    No matter each big file size is 1gb,2gb,3gb or more, no headaches of sending large email attachments.

    Send Multiple Folders

    Send folders directly and the receivers can archive the files easily.

    Circulate Files

    Transer files to multiple destinations at the same time.

    Multiple Destinations

    Simultaneous data transfer to multiple computers.

  • Remote Data Transfer

    Flexible remote network connections. Transfer files between group members.

  • Share Files

    Join a network group with your friends and colleagues for file sharing.